Leads Now ® PPC for Plumbers

No Games, No Gimmicks, No Internet Marketing Voodoo. Focus on Answering Phones and Plumbing Homes. We'll Do the Rest!

The days of paying upfront and "trusting" a marketing company to generate business are long gone. At JD Plumbing Partners we provide fast, affordable, same day lead generation by putting your company in front of potential customers as they search for your services online! With our Leads Now ® PPC for Plumbers customer phone calls are tracked, recorded and monitored to ensure that they are real customers, really looking for service, in areas that you serve. Here at JD Plumbing Partners we are the go-to company for pay-per-click leads for plumbers. With full control over the process we can drive calls when you are slow and need trucks back on the road, and slow the flow of calls when your all booked up; Keeping call volumes exactly where they need to be and your marketing budget within your means.

Facts About PPC and Our Leads Now ® Service:

“52% of people who click on PPC ads go on to call the advertiser”(www.business2community.com)
“PPC delivers on average $5 in revenue for every $1 spent.”(www.business2community.com)
“The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of clicks on page.”(www.webpagefx.com)
“PPC phone leads are three times more likely to convert to a paid customer.” (www.b2c.com)

Listen to Real Leads Now ® Phone Calls!

These are actual customer phone calls generated by our Leads Now ® service. The customers found our plumbing partners online through our service, called in and booked business! Start getting calls like these for your plumbing company today!

Here’s Why Plumbers Love Leads Now ®

1. Fast Implementation & No Set-Up Fees

We roll out customized landing pages and launch campaigns in 48-72 hours! We NEVER charge any set-up or implementation fees of any kind. Best of all, we make the phone ring within 24 hours of campaign launch, guaranteed!

2. We Track & Record Every Call So You Know Exactly What You’re Paying For

We provide tracking of all money spent alongside a list and recording of every call that is generated through our program. Never again have to assume or have faith that the marketing is working. Know with 100% confidence what your money is getting you!

3. No Contract, No Commitment – Speed it Up, Slow it Down. It Truly Works For You!

We truly mean it when we say we align our interests with our plumbing partners. Our Leads Now ® service is dynamic enough to speed up when you’re slow, turn down when your busy, and cancel at anytime without paying a dime. No contract, no commitment. If we’re as good at what we do as we say we are, why would we need you to sign a contract? Our point exactly, we don’t!