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What we do

We partner with plumbers across the country to help them grow their business. This can mean anything from a one-tiome direct mail campaign, to search engine optimization, to strategizing when and how to grow. We take a no bull-crap approach and our only focus is helping plumbers grow their plumbing business to the perfect size for them. 

Why the Name JD Plumbing Partners?

That's easy! We decided to use our initials alongside the most literal term for exactly what it is that we do. We want to always be transparent and clearly communicate in the simplest way possible, no filler and no bs. So JD (short for Jeremy & Derek) Plumbing Partners just seemed like the logical choice.


Why Plumbing? 

Back in 2009 Jeremy's very first internet marketing client was a plumber in Los Angeles California. One of the most competitive markets in the US. That one client turned into 4 referrals totaling 3 plumbing and 2 leak detection companies on his roster as a solo marketer by 2011. With nearly a decade of learning how to beat out rival companies online, and eventually partnering in a plumbing company in 2015, it just made sense to focus on the industry we know best. Our experience allows us to help plumbing company owners achieve their personal ideal harmony of staff size, revenue, and work/life balance. That to us is what it's all about.


Why Us?

We're your perfect team. Together we are able to view the same problem from separate angles and provide holistic solutions that work. We're a couple of blue collar kids who grew up framing houses, umpiring little league, and selling and delivering newspapers before we were even 16. Our original careers led us into customer service, sales & sales training, market analysis & research, and internet and television marketing. We know what its like to work with your hands for every dollar but we also came of age in the prime era of the internet. We've utilized every day of the last 9 years learning how to do three things; Move our plumbing partners to the top of search engines, help them reach their perfect level of growth, and more effectively run and manage their plumbing businesses.

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