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What Does JD Plumbing Partners Do?

JD Plumbing Partners works as an elite full-service marketing department for local Plumbing & HVAC companies across the US. It is our mission to help our partners grow their business, in a stable and sustainable way, to its perfect size.

Why the Name JD Plumbing Partners?

Founded by Jeremy Jackson (J) & Derek Dunne (D), we decided to use the literal term for exactly what it is that we do: Partner. We believe that most internet marketing companies are just sales organizations without real care or concern for their customers' business success. We want to disrupt that model. We want to be our clients trusted partner helping navigate the overly-complicated online marketing world. As such, 'JD Plumbing Partners' just seemed like the logical choice.

Why Plumbing? 

Back in 2009 Jeremy's very first internet marketing client just so happened to be a plumber in the Los Angeles area. One of the most competitive markets in the US. That one client turned into 4 referrals totaling 3 plumbing and 2 leak detection companies. From their, the decision was made to focus on Plumbing/HVAC/Leaks. Now with nearly a decade of experience marketing plumbing services online, we can quickly help plumbing company owners achieve their ideal harmony of staff size, revenue, and work/life balance. That to us is what it's all about.

Why Us?

Our organization is built from the ground up to be transparent, direct, and focused on your bottom line. Our 24/7 reporting that records & tracks where every call comes from ensures you aren't wasting your hard earned money. Furthermore, with no long-term contracts, you're in control--it's up to us to earn our spot on your team day in and day out.

Lastly, with JD Plumbing Partners, you are getting an elite, world class marketing team--this is not your local 'web guy'. Prior to JD Plumbing partners, Derek's experience includes running one of the worlds largest performance marketing brands in the financial services sector (you've probably even seen his ads on Monday Night Football). Additionally, he has been a strategy consultant for dozens of name brands globally (examples: Crest, Old Spice) earning his reputation as one of the best performance marketing executives in the country. Jeremy's background is equally impressive, with executive sales and marketing experience with one of the nations largest telecom companies. Our partners have found particular value in applying his experience running major call centers to their own CSR operation.

We Work Hard For Our Partners

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