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About JD Plumbing Partners
JD Plumbing Partners works as the digital marketing department for your local plumbing company. We deliver you truly world-class online marketing, at a local level, for a fair price with no long term contracts. Everything we do is designed to “partner” with you to make your phone ring more and to help you grow your business consistently to it’s perfect size. That’s why we have “Partners” in our name.

Company History & Mission

JD Plumbing Partners was born out of opportunity and frustration…

How would most local contractors describe their experience with online marketing? Frustration? Confusion? Anger? The point is, it’s rarely positive. Why?

The unfortunate reality is that there are very few internet marketing companies that actually deliver.

On one side of the frustration is the the local web guy that means well, but is like a handyman, not a master plumber, and therefore doesn’t have the expertise to get the job done. 

Then there’s the big guys that play the “marketing guru” role, wearing sport coats and talking jargon, but don’t deliver anything more than big talk.

Looking at these options for local contractors, JD Plumbing Partners saw an opportunity: provide proven, straightforward and impactful online marketing that actually delivers results to hardworking local contractors.

Our Founders

Seeing an opportunity, founders Jeremy Jackson (J) & Derek Dunne (D), decided to seize it, using there unique backgrounds: At the time, Jeremy had been delivering stellar results for local contractors for nearly 10 years but had only grown his business by word of mouth. Derek on the other hand had been running marketing for one of the world’s largest financial service companies and understood how to deliver a quality product at scale. Together, they had everything they needed to deliver results to hardworking local contractors across the country, and JD Plumbing Partners was born.

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Jeremy Jackson

Prior to JD Plumbing Partners, Jeremy successfully ran one of the most elite small marketing companies for plumbers in the country for almost 10 years. Over this time Jeremy established himself as an authority in local search engine marketing and an innovative force for online plumber marketing.  Prior to running marketing for plumbing companies, Jeremy developed himself into a sales & marketing executive managing teams for one of the nations largest international telecom companies. In his spare time, Jeremy trains & competes as a World-Ranked Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Derek Dunne

Prior to JD Plumbing Partners, Derek ran US & Foreign Marketing for one of the world’s largest financial services companies. You’ve likely seen his ads dozens of times on the internet or on Monday Night Football. Additionally, he has served as a go-to marketing strategy coach for dozens of household global brands (examples: Crest, Old Spice, Clorox, Tide) earning his reputation as one of the best performance marketing executives in the country. In his spare time, Derek enjoys coaching his two daughters soccer teams, the local high school hockey team and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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Director of Partner Success
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Partner Success Associate
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Web Developer
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Web Operations Team Manager
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Web Operations
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Director of Market Research
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Senior Account Executive
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Account Executive
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Account Executive

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